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,274 missing children, as of May 22, 2017, one year after its▓ launch.AI facial recognitionMore than 20,000 children are reported abd


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ucted in China each year. Some▓ experts claim the real figures could be even highe▓r since some families are reluctant to reveal crimes


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committed against them.But much-needed help is on the way▓. The Chinese hi-tech firm, Baidu, ▓has introduced new Artificial Intelligen


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ce (AI) fa▓cial recognition technology that has played a pivotal role to help missing children reunite with their families.Starting i

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n March 2017, Baidu upgraded a Chinese▓ Website, Baby Come Home, which aims to upload a nati▓onwide database of photos of missin▓g children.The missing children subm

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it their photos, which ▓get scanned and analyzed to compare with photos sent by the parents of missing children. The facial recognition system can narrow down the

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search to about 30 famili▓es and then through further communications, families can be reunited if there is a proper match.Fu Gu, 33, from Chongqing is one success

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f a missing child.China

story. He was abducted at 6-years-old and he uploaded his p▓hoto on the Website. On April 1, he met

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'Reunion' system

▓his biological parents after DNA testing confirmed t▓he match.Support system for familiesThe sad t

in May, 2016

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ruth abo▓ut China is that abductions have become a widespread social problem and many fear abductio

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